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The Dixie Outbreak - April 23-24, 1908
There were 16 killer tornadoes that struck from Texas to Georgia, resulting in 320 deaths. The worst of the outbreak was in Purvis, Mississippi. The town was leveled, killing 55 people. At one point this tornado was 2 miles wide.

March 23, 1913
Devastating tornadoes marched across east, northeast and west Iowa. The deadliest tornado struck Omaha, Nebraska, killing 94 and injuring 350. Over 600 homes were lost.

April 20, 1920
Mississippi and Alabama were raked by 7 killer tornadoes taking 224 lives.

The Tri-State Tornado - March 18, 1925
The deadliest tornadic event in U.S. history. At least 747 people died from Missouri and Tennessee to Indiana.

The Poplar Bluff Outbreak - May 8-9, 1927
An F4 tornado ripped through Poplar Bluff, Missouri, killing 83 people. A total of 217 would die from 17 major tornadoes across Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas.

March 21-22, 1932
An outbreak of terror. There were 10 violent tornadoes which smashed through Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. 37 people were killed near Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The final total for the entire outbreak was 330 lives lost.

The Tupelo-Gainesville Outbreak - April 5-6, 1936
Over 10 tornadoes swept across Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. Two devastating tornadoes did most of the damage. One hit Tupelo, Mississippi, on the evening of the 5th and leveled over 200 homes, killing 216 people and injuring 700. The next morning another tornado smashed into Gainesville, Georgia, killing 203 and injuring 1600.

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