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June 23, 1944
A series of tornadoes hit Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland. A mile wide funnel killed 72 people in Harrison County, West Virginia. A total of 154 people were killed during the outbreak.

April 9, 1947
A family of tornadoes swept through Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. The worst tornado of the event was an F5 tornado that razed the town of Glazier, Texas. It was never rebuilt. That tornado killed 181 people and injured 970.

March 21-22, 1952
Tornadoes slashed over Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee. The town of Judsonia, Arkansas, was obliterated. 30 people were killed and 385 homes were destroyed. Overall, 177 people died.

The Waco Tornado - May 11, 1953
An F5 tornado smashed into downtown Waco, Texas, killing 114 people. Over 200 businesses were destroyed. Damage reached $41 million.

The Flint Tornado and Worcester Tornado - June 8-9, 1953
The last single tornado to kill over 100 people struck the north side of Flint, Michigan. 115 were killed and 844 injured. This weather system would continue eastward spawning another tornado that would become the deadliest New England twister on record. It smashed through eastern Massachusetts, killing 94 people, 60 in Worcester alone. Over 4000 buildings were damaged or destroyed.

The Udall, Kansas Tornado - May 25, 1955
Over half the population of Udall, Kansas, was killed as a powerful F5 tornado slashed through it. Tornadoes that day killed 102 people in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Palm Sunday Outbreak - April 11-12, 1965
Over 48 tornadoes ripped paths of devastation through Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, and Ohio, killing 256 people and doing over $200 million in damage.

The Mississippi Delta Outbreak - February 21, 1971
The Mississippi Delta was dealt a blow by three major tornadoes. In Louisiana and Mississippi 119 lives were lost and over 1000 were injured.

The Super Outbreak - April 3-4, 1974
There were an amazing 148 tornadoes over 13 states in the South and Midwest! This is the largest known outbreak for the United States. The deadliest tornado hit Xenia, Ohio, killing over 34 people and doing $100 million in damage. The total number of deaths was 315, and there was $600 million in damage.

The Wichita Falls Tornado - April 10, 1979
One of the most destructive tornadoes in US history. Over 3000 homes were destroyed and 20,000 people were left homeless. The death toll reached 45 and 1,740 were injured.

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