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The 1925 Tri-State Tornado


On March 18,1925, the 1925 Tri-State Tornado began its deadly northeast track in Missouri.

It is remembered for one tornado which traveled 219 miles from Ellington, Missouri, across the southern tip of Illinois to Princeton, Indiana, killing 695 along its way.

It then traveled east across southern Illinois and into southwest Indiana, killing 695 people and injuring 2,027. Southern Illinois was hardest hit. There, 540 people were killed and 1,423 injured.

The city hardest hit was Murphysboro, Illinois, where 234 were killed.

In the wake of the tornado's destruction, Annapolis, Missouri, Gorham and Parrish, Illinois and Griffin, Indiana were left in a state of near or complete devastation.

The enormity of the tornado and its ranking as the greatest tornado in American history can be summarized by the following statistics:

  • longest continuous contact on the ground
  • third fastest traveling speed
  • continuous exertion of force resulting in damage throughout most of its lifespan
  • a record 3.5-hour duration.
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